Help empower voters of color in voter suppression states!

As we know, Republicans are ratcheting up the level of voter suppression and voter list purging, dramatically impacting disenfranchised voters of color in southern states.

Indivisible Marin is excited to announce a new partnership that will enable us to fight this situation to protect our democracy and win in 2020! We have joined forces with a national, non-partisan coalition called “Reclaim Our Vote.” The coalition is organized by the Center for Common Ground in conjunction with the NAACP, Mi Familia Vota, DemLabs, and Black Voters Matter.  

The objective of the coalition is to phone hundreds of thousands of voters of color in voter suppression states, with the goal of empowering every voter who is eligible and wants to vote. Through this program, we will be reaching out to under-represented voters—voters the mainstream political campaigns have overlooked all too often. Last fall, the coalition made 253,000 phone calls to disenfranchised voters to help them register and to get out the vote.

Unlike phonebanking during the midterms, these voters are happy to hear from us since they have been neglected by the system. Our calls are welcome!

This year, we will be helping the Reclaim Our Vote Project increase its impact in North Carolina, Virginia and other states where significant off-year and special elections are taking place. The phonebank effort will be supplemented by postcard-writing, canvassing and texting, to reach both rural and younger voters of color. We are also laying the groundwork for an even more intensive effort in multiple states in 2020. 

Please join us in this crucial, democracy-building effort! We need every voter to be engaged and empowered to win in 2020!


Important Update for our Members

Last fall Indivisible Marin launched a partnership with Action Network, a comprehensive communication program designed for progressive activist organizations. This program has helped us build our organization and organize our membership data base, as well as increased the efficiency of communicating and organizing events. In general, the program has been extremely successful. However, we have had a continuing problem with a small number of members who are not receiving our electronic newsletters. They are automatically marked as unsubscribed through the Action Network platform., even when there are efforts to resubscribe. This is usually because the member has unsubscribed at some point to another organization who also uses the Action Network platform. This is not uncommon in today’s electronic world, and unfortunately, difficult to resolve. If you are a member but are not receiving our newsletters or weekly emails and have checked your spam folders, please email us directly at We will look into the issue and if necessary, walk you through the process of resubscribing. In cases when that is not successful, members have found that using an alternative email address is the best option.

Spring at Indivisible

The weather may not be there yet….but spring is here and with it new and exciting events at Indivisible Marin. We offer a wide range of activities and everyone is welcome to join at any time. Please see our calendar for details!

Our Book Club is growing. We read several interesting books over the winter, looking at social, communication, and political forces affecting our current national and local dialogue. This spring we are going to read a guide for activists and then move into specific issues, starting with Climate Change, that will define the 2020 campaign.

Our Climate Conversations have gotten off to a great start by discussing organizations that can help us reduce our carbon footprint. We learned a great deal from each other about how to tackle this monumental threat. This spring we will be discussing strategies to reduce food waste and use of single use plastics and move on to other ways to combat climate change,

Our Membership Meetings now feature a Speaker Series highlighting local, state, and national issues. This winter included a live stream presentation of the Sunrise group discussing the Green New Deal and an evening with our State Assemblyman Mark Levine discussing legislation impacting California. We will start off the spring with a discussion of national and local immigration issues led by the Canal Alliance. Later in the spring we will be hosting a benefit to fund raise for the campaign season in 2020 - stay tuned for details!

The midterms may be over, but campaigning continued this winter with our popular Post Carding Events at The Zinz Wine Bar and The Sports Basement and the Home Post Carding Program. In January, we participated in a major national study looking at the effectiveness of post carding and will be working on the 2nd phase of this project in May. Post carding campaigns directed at our elected officials and thanking voters in 2018 midterm districts that flipped were also offered and will continue this spring.

As part of our commitment to hold our elected officials accountable and stay updated on both state and national legislation, our Legislative Teams met regularly with staff from the offices of Senators Feinstein and Harris, as well as Congressman Huffman, State Senator Mike McGuire, and State Assemblyman Mark Levine.

Internally, our Steering Committee and Support Team meet monthly to discuss administrative issues and plan for 2020 campaigning. We attend monthly meetings with other local activist groups to coordinate activities such as the postcarding study and mobilizing for action, such as the Mueller protests. Indivisible is growing rapidly and is now one of the largest activism groups in the United States. We are poised to have a major impact in 2020 and take back our government. Please join us!

Call to help stop excessive use of deadly force!


Over the weekend, Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert announced that the police officers that murdered Stephon Clark in his grandmother's backyard would not be charged. Stephon was unarmed and the father of two children. Stephon's family, and their coalition of supporters, would like to use this announcement as an opportunity to draw attention to the importance of AB 392 - the bill to change the police use of deadly force standard.

Please take a few moments today to call your state legislators in support of AB 392. Click below for a call script the phone numbers.

Our Book Club and Local Issues


Indivisible Marin’s new book club met last night for a discussion of “ White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo. This book challenged all of us to explore racism and our own role in it’s powerful place in our local communities and the nation. Several participants led an important and timely discussion of the recent events in the Dixie School District in San Rafael regarding renaming the district and how they connect to many of the ideas in the book. We all felt we gained much insight into the systemic nature of racism and hopefully some skills in having the difficult conversations that are necessary to combat it- whether in our own neighborhoods, families, or in activism work.

In March we will be discussing activism and policy work and the ideas in George Lakoff’s book “The ALL NEW Don't Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate”.

“Called the “father of framing” by The New York Times, Lakoff explains how framing is about ideas―ideas that come before policy, ideas that make sense of facts, ideas that are proactive not reactive, positive not negative, ideas that need to be communicated out loud every day in public.“

Please join us for another evening of great conversation on March 25th!

March Membership Meeting with Marc Levine

Our March Membership Meeting on Sunday March 10th will feature speaker Marc Levine, our state assemblyman. He will join us for a discussion of important legislation and issues that affect Marin and California, including bills that he has introduced this year focusing on gun reform, the environment, mental health and suicide prevention, as well as a Q and A. Our California legislature is leading in many state efforts to counter the Trump administration’s agenda. Please join us as at this informative event!


February Book Club Meeting

Our book this month is “White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism”by Robin DiAngelo (Author) with a forward by  Michael Eric Dyson (Foreword). This New York Times best-selling book explores the counterproductive reactions white people have when their assumptions about race are challenged, and how these reactions maintain racial inequality. 

Click here to watch a short interview with the author.

Everyone is welcome and you do not need to have finished the book to attend. Please join us for conversation as we discuss the challenging issues in this important book.

White Fragility.jpg

Call our elected officials to stop the fake Trump emergency!

This past Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to get around Congress’s decision to deny him the money he needs to build his border wall. We need to call our MoC’s and let them know we find this unacceptable, and that they must use their power to block this illegal action. Even though we are confident, in our blue state and blue district, that they will vote this way, they do appreciate the calls so that they can use them in Washington to make statement and have leverage for their positions. Thank you!



Dianne Feinstein - SF office - (415) 393-0707 
Kamala Harris’ SF office - (415) 981 - 9369
Jared Huffman - San Rafael office  (415) 258-9657


Hi, my name is  [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY] and a member of [YOUR GROUP].

I’m calling today because I’m outraged at Trump's declaration of a national emergency. He is clearly abusing his power. The only emergency at our southern border is the human rights crisis created by separation of families and harsh treatment of immigrants.  And Trump’s redirection of funds appropriated by Congress to his pet wall project clearly violates the separation of powers under our Constitution. I expect all of my representatives to Congress to act immediately to challenge the emergency by using powers granted under the National Emergencies Act.

Thank you for your time and attention.

The Sasha Initiative

SASHA, Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault, is based here in the Bay Area and works to fight sexual violence and harassment against young people, especially minorities, women, the disabled, and immigrants. They are currently developing an anti-violence curriculum for use in high schools. SASHA recently received a grant from The Pollination Project in Berkeley that will help them develop their organization. Indivisible Marin is pleased to support them in their important work. Please refer to the calendar page for information about their upcoming fundraiser gala!


sasha initiative.jpg

IndiMarin Book Club Review of "Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age Of Obama, Twitter and Trump

By Nancy Major

Dan Pfeiffer’s book “Yes we (Still) Can” was an informative book on why the Democrats lost in 2016, why Trump won and how the Democrats can win in 2020, written within a memoir of what it was like as a key player in President Obama’s campaigns and later as his Communications Director and Senior Advisor.

Giving many examples, Pfeiffer states that the Republicans weaponized racial anxiety during the Obama’s presidency, focusing fundamentally on white victimization; that the Republicans are incapable of working with Democrats and that confronting the Republicans with who they have become must be the key focus in 2020. 

He also makes the following points:

The media/fake news has been building for years with Breitbart, and other right wing platforms. Fox News is state run propaganda - not news by any definition. The media is “in the midst of a massive, rapid, disruptive transformation that is re-writing all the rules of politics and presidential communications.” Trump is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem. Effective use of social media is key to winning. The focus of the news is no longer just to inform…. it is also to entertain and engage the public. 

There are more Democrats in the population than Republicans. Our focus has to be on increasing the voter turnout, especially young people.  Millennials will outnumber Boomers in 2019. Millennials won’t vote for what’s not right. We have to convince the blue-collar workers who voted for Obama to return to the Democrats by convincing them that in voting for Trump they voted against their economic interest vis-a-vis healthcare costs, income equality, jobs, clean air and water, infrastructure, etc.