Write, call, meet, march, use your voice!


Working Groups

Working Groups take on projects that address a specific task or issue.  The project may benefit our organization, the local community, or beyond.  These projects do not involve a long-term commitment and the participating individuals determine how much time they can contribute. Working groups often partner with other organizations throughout the Resistence.

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The way to effect lasting change in our country is to take back leadership of Congress. In the 2018 mid-terms, we have a real chance to change the balance of power in Washington and at the state level.  But we need to start our ground game NOW. Will you volunteer to help Dems win in 2018? Sign up to phone bank, register voters, canvas and more.

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Do you have 15 minutes to give? Then plan to take our Individual Actions. These actions are meaningful, timed to coincide with key developments in Washington, and require just a few minutes to do.  You can sign up to have the Actions of the Day sent to you via email.  We also post the actions in our Facebook group.

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