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Let’s take back Congress in 2018!  We offer opportunities to phone bank, text bank, canvas and more. Whether you prefer to work at home, or in a group, we will provide ways for you to personally contribute to victory in November.

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If you are more of a behind-the-scenes contributor, there are countless ways that you can help Indivisible Marin stay strong and efficient. If you have skills that you’d like to utilize to help the Resistance, we’ll put you to work.

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Do you have 5 minutes to give, a few times a week? Then plan to take our Actions of the Day. Each week we will provide you with several concrete actions you can take to advocate for progressive ideals. 

You can sign up to have the Actions of the Day sent to you via email.  We also post the actions in our Facebook group.

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Come to a members meeting

Our monthly membership meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month. They are a great way to get plugged into a range activism options designed to maximize your impact in the crucial upcoming year. 

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