Following the impact of the Resistance in 2017, and our recent success in helping elect a new wave of young and diverse progressive candidates, huge numbers of concerned citizens are rising up and engaging in the process of
protecting our Democracy and advancing progressive ideals.

The primary objective of Indivisible Marin is to engage with and encourage both new and experienced activists to find their individual voice and participate in the work that lies ahead. Under Democratic House leadership,
we now have power to advance progressive legislation, and to reign in the Trump administration’s abuses of power.
We will also be working to further the “blue wave” by campaigning for key races in 2019 and preparing to be an even stronger and more vital party by 2020.

Indivisible Marin provides opportunities and support for activists to actively work on any of a number of crucial issues, or to focus specifically on the one issue that is their passion. By providing this type of exposure and involvement to people who are dedicated to improving our country and the world, we will be developing a stronger and larger progressive movement to bolster the long-term fight ahead.