Our Mission

Indivisible Marin, one of 6,000 Indivisible chapters across the country, is a community of citizens committed to protecting American values of inclusion, equality and justice. We advocate for a truly representative democracy, clean environment, economic justice, health care for all, racial, gender and sexual equity, and civil rights. We consistently take actions to protect our democracy and advance progressive political ideals.

Indivisible Marin provide our members with opportunities and support to take a range of impactful actions including legislative advocacy, and campaign work to help elect a new wave of diverse progressive candidates. By providing this type of exposure and involvement to people who are dedicated to improving our country and the world, we will be developing a stronger and larger progressive movement to bolster the long-term fight ahead.


Founded in a San Rafael living room by friends who came together in the aftermath of the 2016 elections, Indivisible Marin has now grown to over 1,200 members. We have a Steering Committee, a Support Team and a Policy Team who all assist the strategic decision-making. We also regularly seek input from members which informs our direction.

Questions? Email Indivisible Marin.