Founded in a San Rafael living room by friends who came together in the aftermath of the 2016 elections, Indivisible Marin has now grown to nearly 500 members. We prioritize action and impact by working in teams, each devoted to a key social or political issue. We also are committed to early action to turn red districts blue with the ultimate objective of taking back Congress.

We have a Steering Committee to make strategic decisions about the overall organization and its direction. We regularly seek input from members, both formally via surveys and informally through conversations. We want our decision-making process to be inclusive, constructive and efficient, and to tap into the skills and energy of as many of our members as possible. 

Our Mission

Indivisible Marin, one of 6,000 Indivisible chapters across the country, is a community of citizens committed to protecting American values of inclusion, equality and justice. We advocate for a clean climate, economic justice, a woman’s right to choose, health care for all, racial, gender and sexual equality, and respect for the human rights of all citizens. We consistently take actions that advance progressive political policies, help defeat the Trump agenda, and contribute to the goal taking back the leadership of Congress by turning red districts blue.  

Questions? Email Indivisible Marin.