Call our elected officials to stop the fake Trump emergency!

This past Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to get around Congress’s decision to deny him the money he needs to build his border wall. We need to call our MoC’s and let them know we find this unacceptable, and that they must use their power to block this illegal action. Even though we are confident, in our blue state and blue district, that they will vote this way, they do appreciate the calls so that they can use them in Washington to make statement and have leverage for their positions. Thank you!



Dianne Feinstein - SF office - (415) 393-0707 
Kamala Harris’ SF office - (415) 981 - 9369
Jared Huffman - San Rafael office  (415) 258-9657


Hi, my name is  [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY] and a member of [YOUR GROUP].

I’m calling today because I’m outraged at Trump's declaration of a national emergency. He is clearly abusing his power. The only emergency at our southern border is the human rights crisis created by separation of families and harsh treatment of immigrants.  And Trump’s redirection of funds appropriated by Congress to his pet wall project clearly violates the separation of powers under our Constitution. I expect all of my representatives to Congress to act immediately to challenge the emergency by using powers granted under the National Emergencies Act.

Thank you for your time and attention.

The Sasha Initiative

SASHA, Students Against Sexual Harassment and Assault, is based here in the Bay Area and works to fight sexual violence and harassment against young people, especially minorities, women, the disabled, and immigrants. They are currently developing an anti-violence curriculum for use in high schools. SASHA recently received a grant from The Pollination Project in Berkeley that will help them develop their organization. Indivisible Marin is pleased to support them in their important work. Please refer to the calendar page for information about their upcoming fundraiser gala!


sasha initiative.jpg

IndiMarin Book Club Review of "Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age Of Obama, Twitter and Trump

By Nancy Major

Dan Pfeiffer’s book “Yes we (Still) Can” was an informative book on why the Democrats lost in 2016, why Trump won and how the Democrats can win in 2020, written within a memoir of what it was like as a key player in President Obama’s campaigns and later as his Communications Director and Senior Advisor.

Giving many examples, Pfeiffer states that the Republicans weaponized racial anxiety during the Obama’s presidency, focusing fundamentally on white victimization; that the Republicans are incapable of working with Democrats and that confronting the Republicans with who they have become must be the key focus in 2020. 

He also makes the following points:

The media/fake news has been building for years with Breitbart, and other right wing platforms. Fox News is state run propaganda - not news by any definition. The media is “in the midst of a massive, rapid, disruptive transformation that is re-writing all the rules of politics and presidential communications.” Trump is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem. Effective use of social media is key to winning. The focus of the news is no longer just to inform…. it is also to entertain and engage the public. 

There are more Democrats in the population than Republicans. Our focus has to be on increasing the voter turnout, especially young people.  Millennials will outnumber Boomers in 2019. Millennials won’t vote for what’s not right. We have to convince the blue-collar workers who voted for Obama to return to the Democrats by convincing them that in voting for Trump they voted against their economic interest vis-a-vis healthcare costs, income equality, jobs, clean air and water, infrastructure, etc. 

Help improve the California Democratic Party by voting on 1/26!

Do you want a voice in decisions made by the California Democratic Party? Like who to endorse in for President in 2020, or for congressional races in California. Delegates also make endorsements on ballot measures and help decide and promote the Party agenda - all while representing our community.

If you want a voice in those decisions, please come vote for The Democrats United Slate on January 26. Susan Morgan, our founder and director, is running to be a delegate in our district and needs your support! RSVP here.

It's important to know that in the AD-10 Assembly Delegate Election Jan. 26, there are 2 slates of candidates running. While both slates support the same progressive values, such as the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, Democrats United is also committed to uniting and strengthening our Democratic Party so we can win elections to take back our country.


Arrive at UA Local 38 Plumbers & Pipefitters Hall, 3473 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa between 10:30 AM - 12:45 PM to register (on-site voter registration available!) and cast your ballot for the Democrats United Slate. To vote, you must be a registered Democrat and resident of Assembly District 10 (Marc Levine's District) Please vote for each slate member plus Max Perrey twice - once for Delegate and once for Executive Board Representative.

Once you cast your ballot, you can leave. You can also stay for candidate speeches.

TRANSPORTATION: We will have free buses and carpools going from Marin to Santa Rosa, departing from the Marin Civic Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium Parking Lot at 9 AM and returning to Marin around 1 PM. For carpool and bus information contact Sylvia Russell at

FOR TIGHT SCHEDULES: If you are short on time, you can arrive at 10:45 AM when the registration starts (but no later than 12:45 PM) to simply, register, vote and leave.

Wondering who we are and what we stand for? Here is all the info you need on the candidates running on the Democrats United slate from Marin and Sonoma counties: 

For more details and to support us online, please visit our Facebook page.

Exciting postcarding partnership with Sister District

Sign up to participate in this project here.

In 2019 we will be partnering with Sister District Marin and the Sister District Action Network to send 30,740 voter education postcards in 3 waves on January 31st, April 24th, and July 1st (total of 92,220) encouraging low propensity voters to go vote on November 5th and educating them about how the state legislature affects them. They will be sent to three states with State Legislature votes taking place in 2019 - Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia. These races are very important to the upcoming restricting decisions that will take place following the 2020 census, as these decisions are made at the state level.

Sign up to participate in this project here.

Sister District Action Network (‘SDAN’) is attempting to build on its postcarding experiments by investigating postcarding as a voter education tool early in the election cycle. This study achieves two important goals: first, we’ll be able to begin to create relationships with potential Democratic voters in our target states and prime them for more political activity later in the cycle, and second, we’ll be continuing our investigation into effective postcarding to help us refine our messaging and targeting.

Project Details

SDAN is planning on continuing our exploration of postcarding by sending voter education postcards. Our previous postcarding experiments were focused on motivating people to return a voter registration form or to get out and vote nearer to the election. Our first study provided us with encouraging results, and we expect our second study to support these results once we can fully investigate the data. The GOTV postcard study results should be available in early Spring 2019 when the voter file from 2018 is released. This study will build on the first four by sending voter education postcards to low-medium likelihood voters who are highly likely to support Democrats to establish contact with these voters earlier in the cycle. We will use 3 waves of postcards to begin a dialogue with voters and prime them to be more open political messages and actions later in the election cycle. This initial postcard will educate voters about the election itself, the second postcard will educate voters about the issues Republicans have caused in these states, and the third postcard will educate voters about the ways Democrats will effectively address these issues if elected.

Our teams will be sending about 30,000 cards at the end of January to reach voters at the beginning of 2019 (should arrive in homes during the first week of February). An additional 15,000 people will not receive a postcard. .

The results are in! Here's what our members had to say!

As we move on from 2018 and our successful movement to Take Back Congress, we surveyed our membership to help make plans for the future. The feedback we received about their experience to date was extremely positive. The survey showed that Indivisible Marin had a positive impact on people’s lives and that a high percentage of our members were satisfied with their volunteer experience and planned to continue it. Voting rights and environmental issues were especially important to our members and post carding and texting were the most popular activities to participate in. We are using these and other results to plan programs and activities that support the interests and priorities of our members.

Click here for the full results.

Introducing IndiMarin 2019!

We look forward to this new year as we continue our work to advance a progressive agenda, provide opportunities for our members to contribute to this mission, and grow and strengthen our organization in preparation for 2020.

Our general membership meetings will continue on the 3rd Thursday in a speaker series format. In addition, monthly book club meetings, post carding events, and a service project or activity will be held. Please check our calendar and FaceBook page frequently and check our newsletter emails for details!

Here is what is planned for January - please see the Calendar page for details and to RSVP.

January 3rd Indivisible's National Day of Action: Indivisible chapters nationwide will make sure that our Members of Congress know that we activists are engaged and poised for action as the 116th Congress kicks off. We'll also be sending a strong message that we want the passage of a robust H.R. 1 to address the foundations of democracy: voting rights, campaign reform, and government ethics reform. As part of this national action, Indivisible Marin has planned two ways to participate: 1) a postcard writing event where we will write all of our federal and state representatives to kick off a year of advocacy for progressive change, and, 2) a social media event where members can participate online.  Please be sure to sign up for at least one of these events to raise your voice at the start of the new Congressional session.

January 17th at 7 pm: General Membership Meeting: RSVP Here

January 28th at 7 PM: IndiMarin Book Club - Join us for the first meeting of IndiMarin's new book club. We'll be discussing Dan Pheiffer's "Yes We Still Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter and Trump."  RSVP Here

January 30th at 7 pm: Postcarding for Progressive Change at The Sports Basement in Novato RSVP Here

We thank you all for your commitment, time, and energy in 2018 and are so glad you are continuing with us moving forward. If you are new to IndiMarin…..welcome! Please feel free to attend any of our events and contact us if you have any questions!

Our Year in Review

IM Logo.jpg

It was an amazing year……Indivisible Marin grew to nearly 1200 members and became a vibrant and productive activist voice both locally and statewide. We attended rallies, marches, and community forums together, met regularly with our elected officials, and held monthly meetings as a source of both education and community for our membership. Individual members became invaluable expert resources for environmental issues, state legislation, and voting rights. Some members took on other leadership roles within the organization by contributing crucial general administrative support and becoming trainers and coordinators for campaign activities (phone banking, text banking, and post carding).

We studied and discussed our district attorney race and then made our first endorsement, held an extremely successful fundraiser to support our campaign activities, and developed a strategy for how to best utilize our time and energy in the midterm general election. We identified winnable races and educated ourselves about the various campaign technologies used by these campaigns. We then developed our own text banking, post carding, and phone banking programs to support those campaigns and trained our membership. With a commitment to making the Blue Wave a reality, together we sent over 500K text messages, wrote 6,000 postcards and made about 1,000 phone calls to elect new, progressive members of Congress - many of them women and people of color. All of the California candidates we campaigned for won their races, but most were extremely close, making our work all that more rewarding. We are especially proud of our work for Katie Hill, who is now the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

Closed Until Further Notice - From Beto O'Rourke

The government of the greatest country the world has ever known, the wealthiest, most powerful nation on the planet: closed until further notice.

This shutdown – hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans working without pay during the holidays, basic government functions no longer available to the taxpayers who fund them – didn’t have to happen. The Senate passed a compromise government funding bill two days ago, 100–0. The men and women who can’t agree on what to name a post office were able to unite and unanimously agree on how to fund the entire government.

But maybe it was intended to happen.

Maybe in the face of an investigation that seeks the facts surrounding allegations of collusion with a foreign government and obstruction of justice within our own government… as one aide after another pleads guilty… as the stock market tumbles… as men and women intent on keeping their dignity and their conscience flee his administration… perhaps the President calculates that by adding to the blizzard of bizarre behavior over the last two years and shutting down the government at Christmas, while his own party still controls each branch of it, the institutions that we need for our democracy to function (and to ensure no man is above the law) will be overwhelmed.

From a President who promised action, we got distraction.

But my concern for the country goes beyond the immediate pain and dysfunction that this shutdown will cause. Beyond even ensuring that this President is held accountable. What’s happening now is part of a larger threat to us all.

If our institutions no longer work, if we no longer have faith in them, if there’s no way to count on government even functioning (three shutdowns this year alone), then perhaps ultimately we become open to something else. Whatever we choose to call it, whether we openly acknowledge it at all, my fear is that we will choose certainty, strength and predictability over this constant dysfunction, even if it comes at the price of our democracy (the press; the ballot box; the courts; congress and representative government).

If there were ever a man to exploit this precarious moment for our country and our form of government, it’s Trump. Sending 5,400 troops to U.S. border communities during the midterm elections. Organizing Border Patrol “crowd control” exercises in El Paso on election day. Defying our laws by taking children from their parents, keeping kids in tent camps, turning back refugees at our ports. Calling the press “the enemy of the people” and celebrating violence against members of the media. Pitting Americans against each other based on race and religion and immigration status. Inviting us to hate openly, to call Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, to call asylum seekers animals, to describe Klansmen and neo-Nazis as very fine people. Seeking to disenfranchise fellow Americans with made up fears of voter fraud. Isolating us from the other great democracies as he cozies up to dictators and thugs. Lying again and again. Making a mockery of the United States – once the indispensable nation, the hope of mankind.

So we can engage in the immediate fights about blame for this latest shutdown… fall into his arguments about a wall, or steel slats, at a time of record border security and in the face of asylum seekers – our neighbors – fleeing the deadliest countries in the world… we can respond to his name-calling and grotesque, bizarre behavior… or we can pull up, look back at this moment from the future and see exactly what is happening to our country.

We are at risk of losing those things that make us special, unique, exceptional, those things that make us the destination for people the world over, looking for a better life and fleeing countries who lack our institutions, our rule of law, our stability.

If ever there was a time to put country over party it is now. This is not about a wall, it’s not about border security, it’s not about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about the future of our country – whether our children and grandchildren will thank us or blame us. Whether we will lose what was fought for, made more perfect, by the men and women who risked and lost their lives at Antietam, on Omaha beach, in Jackson, Mississippi… whether we will be defined by greatness and ambition or pettiness and fear. Whether we will continue to live in the world’s greatest democracy, or something else.

In the short term – let’s pass the funding bill that was agreed to by the Senate 100–0 just a few days ago. Send it to the President with the confidence that we represent the people of this country and that we are willing to override his veto if he cannot respect their will. Show that government can work, that we can see past our immediate differences to serve the greater good. To put country over party. To put country over one man. To do what we were sent here to do.

In the longer term – we must strengthen all of our institutions at the very moment they are called into question. Some clear opportunities for Congress: Ensure that our representatives in government reject PAC money, corporate and special interest influence. Demand that they hold town halls in our communities, listen to and respond to their constituents. Show America that they are working for us and for no one else.

Take action on the most urgent issues of our day: climate change, healthcare, endless war, income inequality, immigration, the vibrancy of rural communities and inner cities, education and criminal justice reform. Define the goal in each area, build the coalition to achieve it, find the common ground (between parties, between branches of government), and move forward. Prove that our system of government – whatever its problems – is still the best thing under the sun.

It’s action vs. distraction. One will save our democracy, the other will lead to its end.

- Beto