Let’s continue to preserve and protect the Mojave Desert

On Monday, August 7 and Tuesday, August 8, call State reps to ask for support for California AB1000

The Trump administration tried to fast track the Cadiz Water Project by rescinding a policy directive that would require rigorous environmental reviews. Now, the California legislature is considering AB 1000, which would require rigorous reviews to be conducted by the state before the project is approved. At risk is the Mojave Desert ecosystem. Cadiz Inc. estimates they will pump up to 50,000 acre-feet per year, while the aquifer is estimated to replenish at a rate as high as 30,000 acre-feet per year or even as low as 2,000-10,000 acre-feet per year.

State Senator Mike McGuire hasn’t taken a position on this bill.  Assemblymember Marc Levine hasn’t taken a position on this bill.

My name is _____________ and I’m a constituent from ____________. I’m calling to ask the Senator/Assemblymember to vote yes on AB 1000. The Trump administration tried to fast track the Cadiz Water Project by rescinding a policy directive that would require rigorous environmental reviews. If the federal government won’t do it, it is our state’s responsibility to conduct thorough reviews to ensure the protection of the fragile Mojave Desert ecosystem.

State Senator Mike McGuire (District 2): (916) 651-4002
Assemblymember Marc Levine (District 10): (916) 319-2010

Attend "Our Lives Are On The Line" Rally


Sign up here to join in a national day of protest against Trumpcare. This Saturday, the Resistance is taking to the streets in hundreds of communities across the country for Our Lives on the Line events -- peaceful protests to resist Trumpcare and protect our care. Millions of progressives will join together to tell Republicans in Congress: if we lose our health care, you’ll lose your jobs!

Indivisible Sonoma County and Indivisible Windsor Community Meeting are coming together to produce our own local rally event in Santa Rosa. Meet in the parking lot at 2300 County Center drive, walk to the County Courthouse Building, and onward to Ventura Blvd. across from Kaiser Hospital. Speakers and agenda to be annouced: Watch this space. This is your chance to tell your health care story in words and photos. We welcome all to join our rally/event. 

Sign up below to attend. Be part of a national display of commitment to saving lives! 


Ask our Senators to vote NO on McConnell's motion to proceed


This is something our blue state Senators can do:

Call Feinstein and Harris THIS AFTERNOON IN SF and ask them to vote NO on the motion to proceed when Senator McConnell asks this of the Senate.

Feinstein in SF - (415) 393-0707
Harris in SF - (415) 355-9041

Senate Republicans are offering $200 billion to Senators from Medicaid expansion states to trick them into supporting a health care repeal bill that slashes $756 billion from the program. The bribe doesn’t come close to making-up for the drastic cuts to Medicaid.

Despite not even knowing what bill they're trying to pass, they’re aiming to vote on a motion to proceed that would start debate on Trumpcare Tuesday. If Senate Republicans pass their motion, a series of votes that decide between the health of Americans and the wealthy few will follow.

Protect Dreamers: Sign this petition

Sign here.

Nearly 800,000 Dreamers — undocumented immigrants who came to the country as children — are under attack. Officials from 10 different states are trying to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) that allows these Dreamers to live and work legally in the U.S.

But minutes ago, a bipartisan group of legislators introduced the DREAM Act in Congress. Momentum is building to protect Dreamers.

It is time to enshrine a more permanent legislative solution for Dreamers and their families. If DACA goes away, the consequences of repeal would be truly terrible: 800,000 Dreamers would lose their ability to work and be subject to immediate deportation.

The DREAM Act would create a three-step process to allow hardworking young people who came to this country as children to earn a path to citizenship. We must show our support for this bill right away.


Fight the Cruz Amendment


Fight the Cruz amendment, a fake fix that hurts people with preexisting conditions. McConnell latest attempt at bringing extreme conservatives in line with the moderates is the Ted Cruz (R-TX) amendment, which McConnell thinks could be a magic compromise that unlocks 50 votes. But the Cruz amendment is a cruel joke, and you need to let the "flippable" Senators below know that. Call as many as you can fit in. Every call makes a difference!


Individual Action - Support the Paris Climate Accord


Add your name to the pledge -  then call our reps in Congress and ask them to sign the pledge and make a public announcement that they have done so. The phone numbers are below. If you haven't already entered them into your phone under favorites, please do so today. We'll be calling a lot!

Feinstein in SF - (415) 393-0707
Harris in SF - (415) 355-9041
Huffman in SF - (415) 258-9657

Phonebank on Wednesday for the ACA

Join our colleagues at OFA MARIN in phone banking to help defeat Trumpcare. They, hopefully joined by you, will be calling citizens in Nevada asking them to lobby their Senator to protect the ACA.  Now, Senator Heller says that his vote on ACA repeal is no, but he is under tremendous pressure from the Republican leadership to change his vote, because only two no votes will kill the bill. Our OFA team is committed to holding phonebanks until his vote is cast or the Senate bill is abandoned.

Join them on Wednesday, July 5, from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM at Burr Leonard’s house, 1 Channing Way, Sausalito.  RSVP

Individual Action - Call Feinstein and Harris Regarding Planned Parenthood

The Senate Healthcare vote may have been postponed a week, but be sure that Republican Senators are still poised to pass their version of Trumpcare. Apart from stripping tens of millions of Americans of coverage, gutting Medicaid, and increasing premiums, this bill would completely defund Planned Parenthood. 

What will that mean for California? It will mean that these services are at risk:

  • Contraception to nearly 631,000 patients
  • Nearly 307,000 emergency contraception kits
  • 97,000 cervical cancer screenings
  • Hundreds of thousands of pregnancy tests
  • More than 75,000 breast exams
  • More than 1 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections

The list goes on. 

Now more than ever, we must make sure our pro-Planned Parenthood legislators know we’re standing with them in this battle. 

Will you call Senators Feinstein and Harris to let them know California stands with them as they fight to protect Planned Parenthood in the Senate?

Call Senator Feinstein: (202) 224-3841
Call Senator Harris: (202) 224-3553