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You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve forced more than a dozen high-profile, safe Republicans to retire because of your constant constituent pressure. You defeated the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Twice. You’ve supported progressives up and down the ballot in Virginia, Michigan, Washington, and Alabama. And you’ve won.  

Most importantly, you’ve created thousands of hyper-local movements across the country that have Republicans and the Trump Administration shaking in their boots.

None of this was imaginable on December 14, 2016 (exactly one year ago!) when we sat down to publish the Indivisible Guide. We were going through stages of grief like so many of you. Republicans were lining up behind the Trump Administration and some Democrats were talking about working with the Trump Administration as though it was a normal Republican Administration. But we, and millions of people across the country, knew nothing about a Trump Administration would be normal.

We heard from friends and family that they wanted to get politically active for the first time. They wanted to make change. They wanted to do whatever it would take to stop the worst parts of the Trump Administration. They wanted to fight back, but they didn’t know where to start.

As former Congressional staffers, we knew that a President’s ability to enact much of his or her agenda relies on whether or not Congress went along with it. And Congress is accountable to their constituents. So we wrote a practical, Civics 101-style document to help newcomers to activism realize their power and leverage in our political system. We called it the Indivisible Guide.

We put the Guide online and went to bed one year ago thinking we’d done a good thing… and maybe a few people would find it useful.

Within days, tens of thousands of people downloaded the Guide and read it. You showed up at town halls with and without your members of Congress. You started making phone calls. You visited their district offices. You put up missing posters (and milk cartons!) with your MoCs’ photos. You took control of the narrative and made sure your elected officials knew they were accountable to you. 6,000 of you even took the Guide and started your own Indivisible Groups and ground the Republicans’ agenda to a halt, while fighting for bold, progressive values.

One year ago, we didn't set out to tell people to have hope. We set out to tell people they have power. And with that power, you gave an entire country hope and showed them resisting the Trump agenda was possible.

Today’s the first anniversary of this movement and we’re celebrating you. We have a lot of fun things in store on Facebook and Twitter to show our gratitude, and we can’t wait for you to see them. But first, we want to share a message and a video we made to commemorate the brilliant work you’ve done this year. Watch now:

This is how it starts. This is how we win. We started with a pretty specific goal: local, defensive congressional advocacy to stop Trump’s agenda. But what we’ve seen around the country is something even more powerful. You’re building a foundational, progressive infrastructure at the community level.

Thank you for everything you’ve done to build this movement. We can’t wait to work with you and take this energy and passion into 2018 as we take back the House (and maybe even the Senate!).

In solidarity,

Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin
Co-Executive Directors

P.S. This movement is built by you. It’s also fueled by you. We’re committed to being accountable to the tens of thousands of people in this movement, not corporations or political parties. Grassroots donations (like the ones we ask for in emails) are our single largest source of funding. So if you can, consider becoming a monthly, sustaining donor to carry our work all the way through 2018. You can also make a one-time donation here.

Our Job For The Next 3 Days




First, listen to this segment of Pod Save America starting at the 18 minute mark. The hosts, very well-connected political pundits, make a case for why we can stop the tax bill if two things happen:

1) We get Jones elected to the Senate, and then

2) We lobby Susan Collins to flip her tax vote back to NO if her amendments are dropped in conference. 

The podcast hosts indicate a likelihood that her amendments will be dropped, which means she may change her vote.

The bottomline is that if we have Jones' new YES vote, Collins' reinstated YES vote and Corker’s existing YES vote, we stop the tax bill.

Operating by the logic above, we have a very obvious two-part strategy:

1) We focus ALL of our energy until 12/12 on campaigning and donating to Doug Jones. 

2) When we get him elected, we immediately pivot to lobbying Collins to stand up to her principles and vote NO on the revised tax bill. 


What’s our best shot at getting Jones elected? Getting out the African American vote!! A leader of the Alabama's NAACP organization has partnered with a group called People Demanding Action to organize a unique opportunity to reach these crucial voters.

To phone bank at home, go to this website:

Here are the instructions:

1) Click on any of the links under the heading "Phonebanks," then click on the central button, and then click where it asks you to create an "Action ID." Once you have an Action ID and have created your password, you can start. The first time you see a name and a phone number you are already in the phonebank and can start calling that person. That is NOT an example of a voter - that is an actual voter in Alabama. Don't stay in the phonebank when you're done, log out.

2) If you see something that says "Enter your NGP VAN Code," do not do that. Log out and log back in, and that should not reappear.

3) We are calling principally African American voters but it's definitely not 100%.

4) We are mainly calling rural counties in Alabama. Speak slowly and clearly and very politely.

5) If they are resistant to talking or say that they have received many calls already, go right to "I wanted to know if you think you'll need a ride to the polls.” If yes, The NAACP is arranging drivers, and the script will advise you what to say.

IF YOU PREFER A GROUP SETTING FOR PHONE BANKING, there are many opportunities to campaign for Doug Jones via Democracy Action’s local phone/text bank centers.

Please click on the eventbrite links below to register and get details/directions: Registering on eventbrite makes it easier for us to manage.

Monday: 12/11, 3-5:30pm in San Rafael:  click here 

Tuesday, 12/12 from 11am-2pm in Ross:  click here   

 OK, team - First Jones. Then Collins. It’s a strategy that could work. Let’s put down our heads, roll up our sleeves and go for it.