Join Our Election Security Taskforce

We are working feverishly to get Democrats to the polls in November. But what if their votes are not counted properly? Our efforts could be in vain and Republicans may steal another election.

We are seeking a few volunteers to help with an important project that could help prevent this scenario. Participation entails making calls to election officials - a commitment of a few hours a week for the next several weeks is all it will take. You will be trained beforehand. Calls need to be made during business hours.

If you can do this important work, please contact us at

Unlike in years past, nearly all votes cast in the United States are fed into computers for counting. Even if you vote on a paper ballot, that ballot is scanned into a computer, not counted by hand. While that may sound efficient, it’s a huge problem because these computers can be programmed to produce any result, no matter how people voted.

The new generation of electronic vote-counting machines have ballot scanners that create a digital image of every ballot and count the votes via the images. Digital image files can safely be made public for oversight without violating voter privacy. These machines are already in use in counties and states all over the country. But elections officials are ignorantly deleting the ballot images, which are legally protected election materials!

Imagine if you and a group of your friends could count the votes in your community and match your totals against official results. And even challenge the official results when they're wrong (which they often are). This scenario is actually possible!  An organization called AUDIT-USA is setting out to protect our election process through it Ballot Images Project. Courts have already ruled in our favor in both Arizona and Alabama. They are now taking this project nationwide. Our task force will participate in this effort by making calls to elections officials to ensure that they are preserving ballot images.

We need a return to transparent and verified elections.
Please volunteer to help!