Help empower voters of color in voter suppression states!

As we know, Republicans are ratcheting up the level of voter suppression and voter list purging, dramatically impacting disenfranchised voters of color in southern states.

Indivisible Marin is excited to announce a new partnership that will enable us to fight this situation to protect our democracy and win in 2020! We have joined forces with a national, non-partisan coalition called “Reclaim Our Vote.” The coalition is organized by the Center for Common Ground in conjunction with the NAACP, Mi Familia Vota, DemLabs, and Black Voters Matter.  

The objective of the coalition is to phone hundreds of thousands of voters of color in voter suppression states, with the goal of empowering every voter who is eligible and wants to vote. Through this program, we will be reaching out to under-represented voters—voters the mainstream political campaigns have overlooked all too often. Last fall, the coalition made 253,000 phone calls to disenfranchised voters to help them register and to get out the vote.

Unlike phonebanking during the midterms, these voters are happy to hear from us since they have been neglected by the system. Our calls are welcome!

This year, we will be helping the Reclaim Our Vote Project increase its impact in North Carolina, Virginia and other states where significant off-year and special elections are taking place. The phonebank effort will be supplemented by postcard-writing, canvassing and texting, to reach both rural and younger voters of color. We are also laying the groundwork for an even more intensive effort in multiple states in 2020. 

Please join us in this crucial, democracy-building effort! We need every voter to be engaged and empowered to win in 2020!