Important Update for our Members

Last fall Indivisible Marin launched a partnership with Action Network, a comprehensive communication program designed for progressive activist organizations. This program has helped us build our organization and organize our membership data base, as well as increased the efficiency of communicating and organizing events. In general, the program has been extremely successful. However, we have had a continuing problem with a small number of members who are not receiving our electronic newsletters. They are automatically marked as unsubscribed through the Action Network platform., even when there are efforts to resubscribe. This is usually because the member has unsubscribed at some point to another organization who also uses the Action Network platform. This is not uncommon in today’s electronic world, and unfortunately, difficult to resolve. If you are a member but are not receiving our newsletters or weekly emails and have checked your spam folders, please email us directly at We will look into the issue and if necessary, walk you through the process of resubscribing. In cases when that is not successful, members have found that using an alternative email address is the best option.