IndiMarin Book Club Review of "Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in the Age Of Obama, Twitter and Trump

By Nancy Major

Dan Pfeiffer’s book “Yes we (Still) Can” was an informative book on why the Democrats lost in 2016, why Trump won and how the Democrats can win in 2020, written within a memoir of what it was like as a key player in President Obama’s campaigns and later as his Communications Director and Senior Advisor.

Giving many examples, Pfeiffer states that the Republicans weaponized racial anxiety during the Obama’s presidency, focusing fundamentally on white victimization; that the Republicans are incapable of working with Democrats and that confronting the Republicans with who they have become must be the key focus in 2020. 

He also makes the following points:

The media/fake news has been building for years with Breitbart, and other right wing platforms. Fox News is state run propaganda - not news by any definition. The media is “in the midst of a massive, rapid, disruptive transformation that is re-writing all the rules of politics and presidential communications.” Trump is not the problem, but a symptom of the problem. Effective use of social media is key to winning. The focus of the news is no longer just to inform…. it is also to entertain and engage the public. 

There are more Democrats in the population than Republicans. Our focus has to be on increasing the voter turnout, especially young people.  Millennials will outnumber Boomers in 2019. Millennials won’t vote for what’s not right. We have to convince the blue-collar workers who voted for Obama to return to the Democrats by convincing them that in voting for Trump they voted against their economic interest vis-a-vis healthcare costs, income equality, jobs, clean air and water, infrastructure, etc.