Call our elected officials to stop the fake Trump emergency!

This past Friday, Trump declared a national emergency to get around Congress’s decision to deny him the money he needs to build his border wall. We need to call our MoC’s and let them know we find this unacceptable, and that they must use their power to block this illegal action. Even though we are confident, in our blue state and blue district, that they will vote this way, they do appreciate the calls so that they can use them in Washington to make statement and have leverage for their positions. Thank you!



Dianne Feinstein - SF office - (415) 393-0707 
Kamala Harris’ SF office - (415) 981 - 9369
Jared Huffman - San Rafael office  (415) 258-9657


Hi, my name is  [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY] and a member of [YOUR GROUP].

I’m calling today because I’m outraged at Trump's declaration of a national emergency. He is clearly abusing his power. The only emergency at our southern border is the human rights crisis created by separation of families and harsh treatment of immigrants.  And Trump’s redirection of funds appropriated by Congress to his pet wall project clearly violates the separation of powers under our Constitution. I expect all of my representatives to Congress to act immediately to challenge the emergency by using powers granted under the National Emergencies Act.

Thank you for your time and attention.