Help improve the California Democratic Party by voting on 1/26!

Do you want a voice in decisions made by the California Democratic Party? Like who to endorse in for President in 2020, or for congressional races in California. Delegates also make endorsements on ballot measures and help decide and promote the Party agenda - all while representing our community.

If you want a voice in those decisions, please come vote for The Democrats United Slate on January 26. Susan Morgan, our founder and director, is running to be a delegate in our district and needs your support! RSVP here.

It's important to know that in the AD-10 Assembly Delegate Election Jan. 26, there are 2 slates of candidates running. While both slates support the same progressive values, such as the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, Democrats United is also committed to uniting and strengthening our Democratic Party so we can win elections to take back our country.


Arrive at UA Local 38 Plumbers & Pipefitters Hall, 3473 Santa Rosa Avenue in Santa Rosa between 10:30 AM - 12:45 PM to register (on-site voter registration available!) and cast your ballot for the Democrats United Slate. To vote, you must be a registered Democrat and resident of Assembly District 10 (Marc Levine's District) Please vote for each slate member plus Max Perrey twice - once for Delegate and once for Executive Board Representative.

Once you cast your ballot, you can leave. You can also stay for candidate speeches.

TRANSPORTATION: We will have free buses and carpools going from Marin to Santa Rosa, departing from the Marin Civic Center Veterans Memorial Auditorium Parking Lot at 9 AM and returning to Marin around 1 PM. For carpool and bus information contact Sylvia Russell at

FOR TIGHT SCHEDULES: If you are short on time, you can arrive at 10:45 AM when the registration starts (but no later than 12:45 PM) to simply, register, vote and leave.

Wondering who we are and what we stand for? Here is all the info you need on the candidates running on the Democrats United slate from Marin and Sonoma counties: 

For more details and to support us online, please visit our Facebook page.