Exciting postcarding partnership with Sister District

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In 2019 we will be partnering with Sister District Marin and the Sister District Action Network to send 30,740 voter education postcards in 3 waves on January 31st, April 24th, and July 1st (total of 92,220) encouraging low propensity voters to go vote on November 5th and educating them about how the state legislature affects them. They will be sent to three states with State Legislature votes taking place in 2019 - Mississippi, Louisiana, and Virginia. These races are very important to the upcoming restricting decisions that will take place following the 2020 census, as these decisions are made at the state level.

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Sister District Action Network (‘SDAN’) is attempting to build on its postcarding experiments by investigating postcarding as a voter education tool early in the election cycle. This study achieves two important goals: first, we’ll be able to begin to create relationships with potential Democratic voters in our target states and prime them for more political activity later in the cycle, and second, we’ll be continuing our investigation into effective postcarding to help us refine our messaging and targeting.

Project Details

SDAN is planning on continuing our exploration of postcarding by sending voter education postcards. Our previous postcarding experiments were focused on motivating people to return a voter registration form or to get out and vote nearer to the election. Our first study provided us with encouraging results, and we expect our second study to support these results once we can fully investigate the data. The GOTV postcard study results should be available in early Spring 2019 when the voter file from 2018 is released. This study will build on the first four by sending voter education postcards to low-medium likelihood voters who are highly likely to support Democrats to establish contact with these voters earlier in the cycle. We will use 3 waves of postcards to begin a dialogue with voters and prime them to be more open political messages and actions later in the election cycle. This initial postcard will educate voters about the election itself, the second postcard will educate voters about the issues Republicans have caused in these states, and the third postcard will educate voters about the ways Democrats will effectively address these issues if elected.

Our teams will be sending about 30,000 cards at the end of January to reach voters at the beginning of 2019 (should arrive in homes during the first week of February). An additional 15,000 people will not receive a postcard. .