Good news from Sacramento!

This year’s California Legislative Season has wrapped up, with bills now waiting for Governor Brown’s signatures.  Throughout 2018, Indivisible Marin has taken StateStrong’s lead in making sure that our elected state officials are voting on bills that we care about.  Many thanks to the leadership of Indivisible Marin members Sue Saunders, Susan Spitzer, Holly Bogin, Doug Brown, and Susan Morgan together with Indivisible Sonoma and Indivisibile Sausalito members Heather Young and Lisa Bennett for joining me in making sure that our elected officials Assemblyperson Marc Levine and State Senator Mike McGuire voted with us.  And, thanks to many of you for making phone calls when we put out a call to action.

See StateStrong’s wrap-up for more details about the bills that we were following this year.  Two bills not on that list because they came to our attention in the last two weeks before the end of legislative session, thankfully failed. AB 84 - The Political Reform Act would have put more money directly into the hands of California legislative leaders, giving them greater influence over campaigns. 25 plus Indivisible Groups, including Marin submitted a letter to the state Elections Committee  in opposition to the bill. The other, AB 813 would have regionalized our electrical grid and given away control of the grid to coal-producing states and the Trump administration. Given that this was a high priority of Governor Brown’s, it was kind of a shocker that the bill died before heading to the floor for a vote.

Our legislative team at Indivisible Marin will be gearing up right after the midterm elections in November to make plans for how we will work with Mark Levine and Mike McGuire once the new legislative year starts in January 2019.  Email if you’d like to get involved.

-Lori Saltveit, Steering Committee and Public Policy