We don't like phonebanking, right? But we don't like Trump more!

Hey, we understand that phone banking is not your favorite campaigning activity. BUT, according to campaign staff and much research, phone banking and canvassing are THE MOST IMPORTANT tactic in the final month of the election cycle. Why? Because interpersonal conversations are the best way to connect with and convince individuals to vote. So lets suck it up and do the thing that is most likely to help vote the ba#*#rds out!

The good news is that campaigns are now rolling out a new form of phone banking called predictive dialing. Using a platform called Hubdialer, the calls are made via the platform and you are only patched through when a person answers the phone. This GREATLY increases the efficiency of phone banking, which is one of the key complaints that some people have with this phone banking.

Please go to our calendar, and sign up for some phone banking events. No worries if you have never done it before - we provide training and support. Once you’ve been trained you can call from home at designated times.

We also offer one-to-one training! Please sign up here to arrange to meet with a trainer at a mutually convenient time.

Thanks for doing what is needed to take back Congress!