Hot off the press: Indivisible Marin's campaign strategy

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After extensive research and consultation with numerous campaign experts and leaders at Indivisible, Swing Left, Democracy Action Marin and others, the Indivisible Marin Steering Committee approved an electoral strategy for our chapter's work from now to November 6th. We are very confident that this plan will ensure that YOUR volunteer hours will be as impactful as possible toward the goal of taking back Congress!

In brief, our strategy for helping to flip the House will be to campaign for Katie Hill, who is running for the House seat in CD-25, and Josh Harder, the candidate for the House in CD-10. We chose these districts with four factors in mind: 1) the likelihood of flipping, 2) the candidates, 3) in-district tools and support and 4) geography. 

Our plan is also to draw upon Obama's "snowflake" model of community organizing. According to this article, "The snowflake structure encourages accountability and results, and is designed for organic growth and replication." In line with this model, our goal is to introduce and train our members in tactics such as textbanking and postcarding, and once they have gained experience, to empower them to do the same with their friends and others in their personal circles. This approach will allow us to quickly scale up and out and have maximum impact on the goal of taking back the House. 

Please join us in this work! Sign up today to start textbanking, phonebanking and/or postcarding. Once you're up and running, you can continue to join our group sessions, or start your own. We will win one text, call and postcard at a time!!

We've got less than four months until the mid-terms, and our one shot to take back Congress and stop Trump and his GOP cronies. If you are not already engaged in this work, the time is now! A great start is to come to our membership meeting this Thursday. We'll be writing postcards, talking about our new campaign strategy and forging the personal ties to sustain us while we do the hard work to come. We hope you will join us!

Thank you for all you do to contribute your time, expertise, energy, and commitment in support of the Resistance to ensure that American values endure.

In Solidarity,
The Indivisible Marin Steering Committee - Lori, Justine, Laura, Susan S, Laurie and Susan M