Our Year in Review

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It was an amazing year……Indivisible Marin grew to nearly 1200 members and became a vibrant and productive activist voice both locally and statewide. We attended rallies, marches, and community forums together, met regularly with our elected officials, and held monthly meetings as a source of both education and community for our membership. Individual members became invaluable expert resources for environmental issues, state legislation, and voting rights. Some members took on other leadership roles within the organization by contributing crucial general administrative support and becoming trainers and coordinators for campaign activities (phone banking, text banking, and post carding).

We studied and discussed our district attorney race and then made our first endorsement, held an extremely successful fundraiser to support our campaign activities, and developed a strategy for how to best utilize our time and energy in the midterm general election. We identified winnable races and educated ourselves about the various campaign technologies used by these campaigns. We then developed our own text banking, post carding, and phone banking programs to support those campaigns and trained our membership. With a commitment to making the Blue Wave a reality, together we sent over 500K text messages, wrote 6,000 postcards and made about 1,000 phone calls to elect new, progressive members of Congress - many of them women and people of color. All of the California candidates we campaigned for won their races, but most were extremely close, making our work all that more rewarding. We are especially proud of our work for Katie Hill, who is now the first openly bisexual member of Congress.