Introducing IndiMarin 2019!

We look forward to this new year as we continue our work to advance a progressive agenda, provide opportunities for our members to contribute to this mission, and grow and strengthen our organization in preparation for 2020.

Our general membership meetings will continue on the 3rd Thursday in a speaker series format. In addition, monthly book club meetings, post carding events, and a service project or activity will be held. Please check our calendar and FaceBook page frequently and check our newsletter emails for details!

Here is what is planned for January - please see the Calendar page for details and to RSVP.

January 3rd Indivisible's National Day of Action: Indivisible chapters nationwide will make sure that our Members of Congress know that we activists are engaged and poised for action as the 116th Congress kicks off. We'll also be sending a strong message that we want the passage of a robust H.R. 1 to address the foundations of democracy: voting rights, campaign reform, and government ethics reform. As part of this national action, Indivisible Marin has planned two ways to participate: 1) a postcard writing event where we will write all of our federal and state representatives to kick off a year of advocacy for progressive change, and, 2) a social media event where members can participate online.  Please be sure to sign up for at least one of these events to raise your voice at the start of the new Congressional session.

January 17th at 7 pm: General Membership Meeting: RSVP Here

January 28th at 7 PM: IndiMarin Book Club - Join us for the first meeting of IndiMarin's new book club. We'll be discussing Dan Pheiffer's "Yes We Still Can: Politics in the Age of Obama, Twitter and Trump."  RSVP Here

January 30th at 7 pm: Postcarding for Progressive Change at The Sports Basement in Novato RSVP Here

We thank you all for your commitment, time, and energy in 2018 and are so glad you are continuing with us moving forward. If you are new to IndiMarin…..welcome! Please feel free to attend any of our events and contact us if you have any questions!