We Did It!

Dems win back the House thanks to massive grassroots support!

Last night, citizen engagement put Democrats back in control of the House. The significance of this victory can not be overstated. We now have legal authority to hold Trump to account, and clout to both advance progressive legislation, and derail much of the Trump/GOP agenda.

Members of Indivisible Marin played an impactful role in making this victory possible. Together, we sent over 500K text messages, wrote 6,000 postcards and made about 1,000 phone calls to elect new, progressive members of Congress - many of them women and minorities.

Katie Hill's win, announced just hours ago, is particularly sweet. For Katie alone, our members sent 100K text messages, wrote 5000 postcards, and made hundreds of phone calls. Right now, with more ballots still to be counted, she is ahead by a mere 4000 votes. So, it is no exaggeration to say that the work of our members could have made the difference between a win and a loss in this district for Katie! We are so proud of this awesome team! It really is true that working hard for every single vote is how races are won.

What's next? Now, after resting a bit, we will get back to our mission - advocating for a clean climate; economic justice; health care for all; voting rights; racial, gender and sexual equality; a woman’s right to choose; and respect for the human rights of all citizens.

We need your input - Next week, we will be sending out a survey to all members. We want to hear from you about the issues that you care most about, and the ways that Indivisible Marin can best support you as activists. We hope that all of you who joined us recently to campaign will continue to stay engaged in our ongoing work to advance a progressive political agenda.

Thank you for all you do to contribute your time, expertise, energy, and commitment to help ensure that American values endure.

In Solidarity,
The IndiMarin Steering Committee - Susan S, Lori, Justine, Laurie & Susan M.