Ask our Senators to vote NO on McConnell's motion to proceed


This is something our blue state Senators can do:

Call Feinstein and Harris THIS AFTERNOON IN SF and ask them to vote NO on the motion to proceed when Senator McConnell asks this of the Senate.

Feinstein in SF - (415) 393-0707
Harris in SF - (415) 355-9041

Senate Republicans are offering $200 billion to Senators from Medicaid expansion states to trick them into supporting a health care repeal bill that slashes $756 billion from the program. The bribe doesn’t come close to making-up for the drastic cuts to Medicaid.

Despite not even knowing what bill they're trying to pass, they’re aiming to vote on a motion to proceed that would start debate on Trumpcare Tuesday. If Senate Republicans pass their motion, a series of votes that decide between the health of Americans and the wealthy few will follow.