Introducing Indivisible Marin Campaigners 2018!

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Campaigners 2018 is a new initiative designed to offer our busiest members an important way to contribute to the crucial goal of taking back Congress and the States in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. The only requirement as a Campaigner is to agree to participate in campaign efforts when they fit into your available time and schedule. We will provide you with opportunities to get involved - phone and text banking, canvassing, voter registration and more - and you choose what, when, and where you show up.

We are now focused on growing this program quickly and robustly to add as many "foot soldiers" as possible to our crucial electoral challenge. Soon, we will start hosting training events, San Rafael-based phone banks, social events and more. After all, we need to have some fun to sustain our energy for the long path ahead.

Media reports are increasingly positive about the Dems odds in 2018, but we need to get out there and make it happen. No more complacency like in 2016, right?  Join our Campaign team today! Let's take back our Congress and our States in 2018!