Indivisble Marin is growing!

Indivisible Marin is working to expand our membership and engage talented professionals who are ready to commit their time and abilities to help defend our democracy. 

Having grown to over 600 members with a Steering Committee and Action Teams in place,  Indivisible Marin is ready to expand our efforts for the Resistance. We are now launching new Action Teams to include Youth Outreach and Criminal Justice. We also have joined a Marin-wide alliance that is focused on winning back Congress and the States in 2018. Toward this end, we will be enlisting as many of our members as possible in campaign activities such as voter registration, canvassing, and phone banking.

To accomplish these goals, we need to increase our membership numbers overall. The larger we are, the more clout we have with Members of Congress, the media and other important constituents. So please invite your friends, post our website to Facebook, distribute flyers at events, and anything else you can think of to help us grow. 

We also need to expand our leadership team in the key areas listed below to support this increased growth. If you're ready to make a greater commitment to the Resistance, and have a skill set that matches up with any of the positions below, we want to hear from you. The desired time commitment is 3+ hours a week.

Membership - Help grow our organization in terms of numbers, diversity and key demographics. Also responsible for welcoming and orienting new members. Will be supported by additional volunteers. Job description here.

Campaign Team Leader - The role of the Campaign Team Leader is to coordinate campaigning actions, such as phone banking, canvassing, voter registration, etc. for the campaign team which we intend to grow to over 100 members. Prior experience with campaigning is helpful. Job description here.

Tech Support and Training - We are committed to using efficient technological platforms for our work at Indivisible Marin, such as Google Drive for file sharing and collaboration, and Asana for project management. We are seeking a person who can help train members in these platforms and troubleshoot tech problems for IM leadership. Check out the job description.

We also need people for additional roles including PR, Marketing and Fundraising. We hope you will consider stepping up your involvement in the Resistance by volunteering for any of the above roles.